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NuOxygen is pleased to announce the release of Monster Trouble Dark Side

Monster Trouble Dark Side, the new sequel of Monster Trouble HD is now a Reverse Tower Defense

With Monster Trouble Dark Side you are the strategist behind a horde of little monsters and you are charged with the task of conquering the Great Lands to retrieve the talisman of the Moon Shadows.

It will not be easy, the defenses prepared by humans are powerful and you’ll have to use all of your cunning to succeed in the task.

Monster Trouble Dark Side is a strategy game with an arcade twist, sophisticated enough to please the fans of the genre but also intuitive enough to be played by those who looks for the first time at strategy games.


The novelties in this game are many starting with some new and funny animated characters, including two orcs throwing darts and flaming arrows and vampires that fly and suck the blood of their victims, turning them into as many vampires. Added to this is the dynamic weather with short rains and storms (putting out fires) and the day / night cycle that characterizes some of the most frantic levels of the game. To make the gameplay even more interesting, in MT Dark Side there are also a number of power-ups ranging from Invisibility Cloak, and Magic Shield, to explosive potions and the seven-league boots, all of which create a great dynamism into the game without making it more complicated.


The game interface has been kept as simple as possible. At the beginning of each level a marker identifies the objective and, if necessary, but only in the early stages, some comics will appear showing directions and suggestions, then you start to play.


At the bottom of the screen a set of icons show the available resources, with the monsters on the left and power ups on the right. The player should take a look at the  scene, choose the character he wants to play touching with the finger one of the icons (touching multiple times increase the number of monsters released) and then choose the direction the monsters come from, by touching one of the yellow arrows which in the meantime came up on the screen. At this point you can relax and observe the scene, or you can dip into the fray.


If we deem it necessary, at any time we can release more monsters or use power-ups to boost the monsters on the field. For example, when you release a vampire it is a good idea to give it an invisible cloak to allow him to reach his victims undisturbed. To win in most cases it is sufficient to destroy the target before running out of resources, simple but not always easy. In other cases, the game mechanics are different, for example, the goal may be to cross a particularly defense area within a given time, only one thing is assured, the game will be a lot of fun.


Ultimately Monster Trouble Dark Side is not just another game full of innovative features, it is a game   well made from the technical and the artistic point of view with a challenging and rewarding gameplay.




Variable weather, with frequent rain and storms.

Day and night light cycle.

Up to ten different monsters each with unique characteristics.

Four types of power-ups can be used to give special powers to the monsters.

Ten original game maps of great artistic quality.

Five different types of defenders each with special powers.

Twenty-four levels of play with increasing complexity.

Up to four different levels of difficulty, to make the game accessible to everybody.

Localization in five languages : English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Game Center support.

All missions can be replayed at will.


Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


Pricing and availability: Monster Trouble Dark Side is available at the price of $3.99 (USD) exclusively through the App Store in the Games category or Strategy & Family


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Monster Trouble

Monster Trouble HD Anniversary Edition , is available on the App Store, now with full retina display support and improved gameplay.

The Re-Edition of this successful game that was Apple Game of the Week, is here with a free level giveaway. (Mount Evil)

This high definition, 3D, multi-touch game  created by the company that reinvented the TD genre brings real time action and strategy in a fully and smooth 3D addictive game.

Move your villagers against monsters. In a world populated by Goblins and Ogres,  the country dwellers gather to defend their village from a Horde of monsters that, wave after wave filter out of various caves. You must survive the onslaught to get a chance and move on to the next of 36 levels of fun and strategy.

When it comes to gameplay Monster Trouble  you can’t sit down and watch! You have to be faster then monsters to survive.

You must build your defenses using a variety of wooden and brick structures position them and populate with a cast of characters ranging from farmers to hunters.

When monsters die you have to quickly snatch up the loot they drop before it disappears, and sometime you must take action by dropping some sort of grenade and blow the little guy up.

Monster Trouble HD a unique game because it  allows for some great player interaction. You have to quickly snatch up loots that monsters drop before they disappear, and sometimes you have to kill enemies by yourself. Dropping a potion on an enemy it turns into a sort of grenade and blows the little monster up or if you drop it on a villager the potions will heal it. You can also move your arsenal of characters from tower to tower when the need arises and position empty towers in a strategic way so to defend a territory with few villagers. It’s a key part of the game’s strategy. Let’s not reveal all of the amazing gameplay features and leave to the player the enjoyment.


*Full retina support

  • New Mount Evil Survival Level now free
  • Terrific 3D graphics
  • 36 Levels packed with fun
  • Survival playing mode on every level
  • A terrific cast of characters. Farmer, Hunter, Old Grandma, Fire Eater, Gipsy
  • 10 types of towers, each with unique features
  • 10 different types of Monsters to fight
  • 10 wonderful maps, Granny’s farm, The Mill, The crossroad, Gunter’s hut, The circus, The dry river, The island, The village, Mount Evil
  • Now localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese
  • Added a new game mode: survival mode on every level
  • Added a new character called manny ,and a new level
  • Added credits screen
  • Three times faster level boost loading
  • Every second tap on a villager the building health is shown
  • Water can be used to stun monsters
  • Potions damage area increased
  • Turned into universal

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd/4th Gen iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later
  • Universal Application
  • 153 MB

Available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games, Strategy and Family categories.

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