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For the Joy of Battle! Cross-platform PvP 3D Mobile Game Little Empire

Posted on: September 12, 2012

For the Joy of Battle! Cross-platform PvP 3D Mobile Game Little Empire

Little Empire is the world’s first game to combine 3D and LBS technology into an amazing player-vs-player online gaming experience for Android and iOS mobile systems. In your empire, you can train a personal hero, ally forces for battle, exercise unit formation tactics, and enjoy even more unique gameplay styles. Additionally, you will experience 10 chapters of a grand Adventure mode, making for a total of 263 levels awaiting your challenge. Want to build your own great imperial legacy? Then check out the screenshots below for an intro to the game!
Pure 3D scenery for stunning graphics
Everywhere in the world of Little Empire is modeled in perfect 3D, from the cheerful Castle City wrapped in eternal spring, to the mystical Fort City blanketed in wintry ice and snow; from the most spartan of infantry Barracks, to the most elite Magic Temples and Mech Labs; from basic resource production facilities, to specialized accessories and equipment… Adjust your city layout to your heart’s content, and build the magnificent empire of your dreams!
Unit formation tactics for a more engaging battle experience
In Little Empire, you will encounter blue-skinned Trolls, white-robed Priests, ice-cold Mages, axe-wielding Wolf Riders, razor-sharp Iron Wheels, and more, totaling 10 unique unit types for you to command and coordinate based on their individual strengths and weaknesses! Upgrade your troops, experiment with different battle formations, and give your hero a taste of the action to build up the ultimate army. A Little Empire battle is not just a test of strength, but also of wit and strategy!
Your nation’s power will grow with your hero’s
Unlike other strategy games, Little Empire lets you choose between three distinct heroes to lead your army: an iron-toothed orc Behemoth, a dual blade-wielding Berserker, and a soul-destroying Succubus. Your hero doesn’t just have higher health, attack, and defense stats than other units—he or she can also be equipped with weapons, armor, and special skills. Choose wisely. Having a powerful hero on your side plays a decisive role in combat!
10 Adventure modes for even greater challenge
Additionally, Little Empire has 10 great level-packed Adventure stages, including the Iron Forest, Whitewater River, the City of Evensnow, Fire Valley, Snowcloak Cliff, and more, for a total of 263 game levels. Within the Adventure levels, you will meet unique enemies, such as shadowy direwolves, dragon cannons, marshland priests, ape berserkers, and more new enemy units and bosses for you to battle. Defeat them, and you will have a chance to win equipment fragments, crystals, and other valuable loot!
As a global online game, Little Empire allows players from all over the world—be they from America, Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, England, France, Germany, Australia, Arabia, or anywhere—to challenge each other in real-time. Who will you challenge first? What are you waiting for? Come and experience Little Empire for yourself! Over 103 million players from around the globe will tell you—it’s just that good!  

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