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Popular Demon Busters Phone App Launches in Google Play

Posted on: September 6, 2012

Demon Busters

Build The Ultimate Deck of Hunters In DEMON BUSTERS

SINGAPORE, September 7, 2012 – NUBEE Pte Ltd, a leading developer of free-to-play mobile games, announces the launch of its fully-online RPG card game Demon Busters on Android.
Since its launch on iOS in July, cries for the Android release were heard far and wide. Today, the optimized version on Android will be released.
In the App Store, Demon Busters achieved 100,000 downloads in just a week, and average 4.5 stars in ratings. Demon Busters was also featured in Japan and Korea in the What’s Hot section for card games!
“Finally, it’s here! The Android version,” said Mitsuharu Kameyama, Producer at NUBEE, “we want our Android players to have fun with this game as much as it was enjoyed on iOS.”

Demon Busters is a card RPG that engages players in an epic battle between hunters and demons. Players will use their hunters – equipped with an impressive array of weapons and armor – to battle their way through hordes of demons waiting in deep, dark dungeons.
Players can manage parties and form alliances with other players to save the world from powerful Demon Bosses. Combine weaker cards to form fearsome Hunters in the world. Players can also collect magical items to forge formidable weapons from the Blacksmith. Compete in the leaderboard rankings and stand to win rare cards.
“As a card game, the rules are very simple, but you really need skills to play well. It’s like an online game where you need friends to guide you along,” a player wrote in a review, “It’s best to play as a group. You can work with your friends to get rare cards. Each card is uniquely different, but all cards are very helpful in fighting demons.”
With over 300 different cards to collect and dozens of quests to explore, you won’t be putting your phone down any time soon. Special events like Demon Boss events will run on a weekly basis. Demon Bosses are elite monsters where players must work together with others to defeat, netting them rare and unique loots.
New and exciting features such as guild battles, new revamped UI, and evolving will be added in later updates. Stay tuned and get ready for the most epic card battle ever!
Demon Busters is now available for free in the Android Google Play Store.

Click here for the iOS version.

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