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GamePlan Releases FREE version brings added functionality and new ‘trial’ mode

Posted on: August 22, 2012

DesignerApps has released a free version of their multiplayer-gaming strategy planning tool, GamePlan.
GamePlan ‘Free’ is a fully functioning version of the app when used offline, where you can still download maps, play with all the tools, and get a feel for the user interface. When taken online, the free version doesn’t allow you to host a room or edit a map online, but you can still connect to a hosted room and view any changes made.
To coincide with this, Version 1.2 has also been released, which carries some minor functionality updates, as well allowing cross-compatibility between free and full versions of the app.
“The free version of GamePlan will allow users to get a feel for what the app is like, and still participate online in a passive-sense” said Mark Hockings, founder and CEO of DesignerApps.
“Even with the relatively low prices of apps these days, many users can be wary about spending money on something they may not end up using, so this free version allows people to ‘try before they buy’ and we’ve tried to keep the restrictions to a minimum”
To coincide with the Free version’s launch. The Full version of GamePlan, as well as the In-App unlock is currently running at a 50% discount ($1.99 / £1.49 / 1.99 euro) making it a perfect time for free users to upgrade if they like the app.
Full 1.2 change log:
Screen will dim when offline. Added support for special characters in user and room names. Minor UI tweaks and bug fixes. Changes to support new FREE version (separate trial app available now. All users must have v1.2 to connect in the same session). Android: compatibility fixes for older devices.
Where to Buy/Aquire FREE VERSION iTunes:
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