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Dutch company shows love for cows in iOS Game App “Cowbeam”

Posted on: August 6, 2012

Cowbeam App

Digital Dreams releases a gameplay trailer and screenshots for
soon to release iOS game “Cowbeam”.

“Cowbeam” is an upcoming casual puzzle game for IOS by Dutch indie studio
Digital Dreams. It is expected to be released later this month as a
universal app in HD for iPhone and iPad.

The development of “Cowbeam” took about 4 months and it is the third game to
be released to the public by Digital Dreams. After successful flash games
<; As the
Village Turns and A Tale by Alex, this is the first time Digital Dreams releases an IOS Game.

The game will be priced at $1.99 USD/€1.59 EUR. However in the first week,
it will go for only $0.99 USD/€0.79 EUR.

The release of “Cowbeam” later this month will go paired with an animated
short about its story, so stay tuned!

About the game

Hank the alien loves cows. Help Hank find them throughout many different
galaxies. Gather hints to find out if the cow’s home planet might be red,
close to the sun, has 2 moons and tons of other properties. If you’re smart
you will find the cows in no time! Every cow resembles the planet she lives
on. When the planet is red, the cow is red, if the planet is close to the
sun, the cow could wear sunglasses or a sombrero, etcetera. Try to find all

Cowbeam features:

·         Uniquely clever casual puzzle gameplay

·         Nearly 5 million unique cows to find

·         Universal app in HD for iPhone and iPad

·         Social media and Gamecenter integration

·         14 upgrades to unlock

·         Over 50 levels spread across 9 unique galaxies

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