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Fugazo Announces Can’t Say That! Multiplayer Word Game Coming Soon to iPhone

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Fugazo Announces Can’t Say That! Multiplayer Word Game Coming Soon to iPhone

SEATTLE, WA (July 12, 2012) – Did you love Words With Friends? How about Draw Something? Well clear some space on your iPhone for Can’t Say That! which goes live July 18th.

Could you get your friends to guess the word ‘Taboo’? What if you couldn’t use the words forbidden, bad, game, permit or allow to describe it and only had 24 characters to write your clue? Therein lies the challenge (and the fun!) because in this game you Can’t Say That!

Thanks to Facebook integration you can immediately begin a game with a friend and start by choosing one of three words. Once you submit your cleverly worded clue your friend will be able to solve it by choosing letters from a 12 tile board, and if the clue is too difficult, they can easily post a screenshot to Facebook (the ‘Facebook a Friend’ lifeline) or use one of three helpful power-ups. Once solved they will choose a word and submit a clue back. You will then be able to watch a quick, entertaining replay of their turn and move on to solving the clue they crafted for you.

With the wide range of inside jokes and references between friends there’s no limit to the fun you can have sharing and solving word puzzles back and forth especially given the asynchronous play model which allows each player to play at their own convenience.

Luckily for all the word game lovers out there, Can’t Say That! plans on launching with thousands of words and then continually adding hundreds more for free every month. If this doesn’t satiate you hunger for more words, the app also allows players to purchase challenging, category-specific word packs with the in-game currency they earn.

Fact of the matter is, if you like word games, you have to get this app when it arrives on July 18th because you will undoubtedly have a blast with it. And at the extra low price of free, you simply can’t go wrong.

Check the Can’t Say That! Facebook and Twitter pages to play the Word Puzzle of the Day and follow to stay updated.

If you’re a journalist or app review website, please get in touch for promo codes to get the app before official launch.

Fugazo, Inc. is an independent game developer based out of Seattle that is currently focused on building mobile games that allow people to play with their friends in new and engaging ways.  If you would like to schedule an interview, set up a meeting, request promo codes or get more information about our company, please use the contact below.


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