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Google – Banking on +1 Product and Service Reviews

Posted on: June 26, 2011

If you’ve been Googling over the past few weeks you’ve probably started noticing Google +1’s on many page searches. Google is banking on a new way to promote product and service reviews through daily searches. They’re calling it the +1 stamp of approval.

In other words, your +1 public approvals will be able to help your friends, family members and colleagues when they search for something on Google’s search engine. However, there is one small catch. You need to be signed into your Google e-mail account and you have to have a public profile. This way when someone clicks on one of the +1 recommendations it takes them to see who recommended the product or service.

All of your +1’s are then stored in a new tab on your Google profile. You can make your +1’s public or private, so you do have that option. Here’s the official +1 Introduction Video from Google. Let us know what you think of it.


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3 Responses to "Google – Banking on +1 Product and Service Reviews"

I think potentially this could be misused by advertisers and marketers to get more +1’s than competitors. Alternatively it might not take off at all dependent on how many people log in to Google Mail when searching and also have a public profile – I wonder if there are any figures for this.

Thank you for the comments jk73. It will be interesting to see how #Google promotes their +1’s!

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