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Groupon Offers Stock In Their Company

Posted on: June 3, 2011

A few weeks ago we watched Linkedin shares more than double after its initial launch. It caused such a buzz that many other Internet companies are now considering filing IPO (Initial Public Offering) papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well.

The most recent IPO launch announcement comes from Groupon, the e-couponing company, which currently has an estimated worth of more than $6 billion. Last year, Google wanted to take over Groupon for a staggering $6 billion and Groupon declined! In recent reports, Groupon is now hoping to raise more than $750 million with its upcoming IPO launch. Will it be as popular as LinkedIn? We’ll soon find out!

 However, some investors are a little worried that a new investment bubble is forming around unproven Internet companies. While that might be true, both LinkedIn and Groupon have already proven themselves to be leaders in their fields and as more people become aware of their existence, they’re both headed for enormous growth!

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