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Top 10 Kate and William Royal Wedding iPhone Apps

Posted on: April 28, 2011

We’ve had lots of comments and requests to relist our Top 10 Kate and William Royal Wedding iPhone apps. So, if you won’t be near a TV screen in the morning and want to stay on top of the entire event through your iPhone, here are some great apps to keep you informed every second of the day.

 Here’s a quick run down of the Top 10 to search for in the iTunes store.

1. The Royal Wedding by Hello! (FREE for limited time) 


This app was designed by Hello! Magazine and is available for free for a limited time on the iPhone and iPad. It includes exclusive imagery and behind the scenes commentary  from HELLO! Magazine’s editorial staff. It will be updating constantly will all of the latest photos and news as the big day approaches. Plus, they’re including a Royal romance timeline, images of gifts from previous Royal weddings, designer dress predictions for Kate’s wedding dress, plus tons of news and photos surrounding William, Kate and their families.

2. Alarm Royale – Royal Wedding Alarm Clock, Facts & Countdown Timer ($1.99)

This app provides you with an accurate countdown timer to William and Kate’s Royal Wedding. What makes this app so special is that it also provides an interesting new Royal Wedding fact every day to keep you on your toes. Plus, this app also offers Royal-themed music and wedding bell chimes as a wake up sound alarm. If you shake this app while it’s open it will also throw out another interesting wedding fact. This is another great one for all of the romantics out there.

3. Royal Wedding – HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine (Kate) Middleton ($1.99)

This app will cost you a little more than the others and they claim that it will bring you the in depth news from the best British newspapers and blogs from around the world. Plus, it will also contain a countdown clock, official photo feed and Tweets.

4. Weakest Link: Royal Wedding Edition ($0.99)

The popular Weakest Link game show now has a Royal Wedding edition to test your knowledge about William and Kate. So, do you know everything there is to know about the couple?  Test your knowledge today. For a limited time this link will only be $0.99.

5. Royal Wedding Live ($0.99)

This app is  $0.99 for a limited time only. It will contain all of the details about the bride and groom, plus late breaking news about the wedding. Feature updates coming soon include photos, videos, RSS news feed, time scheduler and TV channel coverage.

6. Royal Wedding Invite (FREE)

The Royal Wedding Invite app contains background history on William and Kate, the best man and other historic venues. You’ll also get detailed information on the engagement, the Queen, the reception and more.

7. The Royal Wedding Tea Towel App ($0.99)

This app stands out from the other Royal Wedding apps because it focuses on wedding trumpet solos, organ music, along with official and unofficial news videos. You’ll also receive news updates and links including live coverage on the day of the wedding. Plus, there will also be connections to Facebook and Twitter coverage along with details on official and unofficial Royal Wedding merchandise.

8. William and Kate’s Royal Wedding ($0.99)
This is another good app to find some of the best information and photos on the new Royal couple. You’ll also receive maps of their history and the wedding.  The app will also include special links and trivia.

9. Kate and William ($0.99)

This app will be following Kate and William’s every move up to the big wedding day.  The app developers claim that you’ll receive news stories from over 4,000 sources, Twitter and Facebook  updates from the British Monarchy, links to new William and Kate YouTube videos, collections of photos on the couple and other Royal weddings.

10. A Royal Wedding Celebration: William and Kate ($0.99)

Would you like to discover more about William and Kate? Perhaps this is the app you need. It features details on how the this Royal romance blossomed, which celebs made their quest list along with a stunning gallery collection of photos from the press.

BONUS! Dress The Royals ($0.99)

In this app you can choose the wedding dress of your choice for Kate to wear. If you wanted to see what that same dress would like on Prince William you can do that as well. Wait… there’s more! Perhaps you’d like to see William dressed up in something even more crazy like a frog suit or a nurse’s uniform and wearing a mustache and beard. They’ve got those covered too. As a matter of fact, this app has over 40 different illustrated outfits and accessories to accessorize the new bride and groom to be.

 If you wanted to take the Royal dressing to the next level, you can also dress up the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla as well as Prince Harry and Monty (the Queen’s dog). It’s loads of laughs  that you’ll remember for a long time to come.

The app also offers the chance to save your personally dressed up Royal family photos as wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It’s brilliant!   Here’s the iTunes link: Dress the Royals

*Here are a few others to check out: WeeMee Royal Wedding Countdown (FREE), Royal Wedding Countdown ($2.99), Royal Wedding Invite (FREE), Royal Wedding Couple (FREE), Royal Wedding News ($0.99) and Royal Wedding Pairs (FREE).

If you try any of these app, please write back and let know which one is your favorite.

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