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Cloud Storage – Amazon Leads The Way

Posted on: April 24, 2011

Remember hunting for those 1 terabyte external hard drives to increase your computer’s storage capacity? Those square boxes could be a thing of the past with the rising popularity of Cloud storage.

Cloud storage – The term “Cloud” refers to storing data to a remote database and accessing it anytime or anywhere through an Internet connection. For computer users who love or need to store large amounts of data such as documents, music, photos, videos or games, Cloud storage is the future. There’s no more need to delete old files to make room for new ones.

There are several big companies that have already jumped on Cloud 9 and are seeing this as the future of computing, mobile devices and tablets. Here’s a quick look at what’s going on. – They were one of the first to promote Cloud storage in a big way. The Amazon Cloud Drive allows you to store photos, songs and videos right onto the Amazon servers. Their Cloud Player gives you instant access to listen to any of your songs through an Internet connection or an Android mobile device. Amazon is looking to eat into iTunes music downloads business and this could be the answer. – The world’s largest video game retailer will be launching a streaming video gaming Cloud service in 2012. The service will allow gamers to access and play any PC or console game through any Internet connection or tablet. There’s a rumor that a fee might be associated with this type of access. – This company is lead by David Perry, one of the Top 20 most influential people in the gaming industry. Gaikai is a cloud-based gaming technology that allows users to play major PC and console games like Call Of Duty or World Of Warcraft instantly, with one click. No download or install required. Although Gaikai is in Beta, it’s Live and you can check it all out at Gaikai could give GameStop lots of competition.

Time Warner Cable – A new iPad app from Time Warner allows Cable subscribers to access and watch dozens of TV channels on their tablet through their home’s Wi-Fi network connection. Unfortunately, some TV programmers are not happy about the way each channel’s signal is being transmitted and have had their channels pulled from the app. There will be lots of friction between these companies before they settle on a mutual agreement. This will be interesting to watch. 

Cloud Storage is becoming such a big business that more and more conferences are popping up on the subject. The Cloud Expo 2011 in New York has been the leader of Cloud computing for eight years now and is expecting over 10,000 attendees at their upcoming June event.

What are your thoughts on Cloud Storage? Post your comments here!

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