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iPhone Users Speak Out on Facebook App Problems

Posted on: April 8, 2011

The iPhone Facebook 3.4 app needs a major tune up quickly. Here are some recent comments from iPhone users:

1 | Gemma

I hate this update.. Within seconds of me updating my push notifications stopped altogether. I used to get maybe three out of five, now none. My news feed also has ‘Just now’ as the time for every single post. Again – this happened as soon as i updated.

I am on an iPhone 4 – any ideas how i can go back to the old version 3.3.3 that i was running!!

 2 | Tony
Unfortunately, there’s another big problem for thousands of users of the app (me included). Any status updates or photo uploads do not appear in the newsfeed, but move straight to your own wall.

Problem may be linked to Facebook Connect, or the change to the main web app to “simplify privacy settings” as you do not get the option to allow permissions to post when installing the app, and my iphone 4 does not appear in the list of devices in account security. Possibly, the main Facebook site servers think the iphone for the person is already logged in (when not).

I’ve reported this several problems via the iphone/ main app/ itunes over the last 8 months (many more users have too) but have received no feedback.

Hoped this would be sorted with 3.4 but not. I’ve also noticed that the “most recent” feed seems to revert to “just now” after a couple of seconds instead of the actual time the stories were published.

Poor quality app.

 3 | dom
this update sucks, ‘just now’ is
on all news feeds, unread notifications stay on the facebook app, even though all have been read.
What are your thoughts on the Facebook 3.4 app version? You can post your comments here!
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3 Responses to "iPhone Users Speak Out on Facebook App Problems"

This update sucks! I cannot access my game feed anymore from FB. The top news and just now headers constantly update but with old feed from yesterday or hours ago. I am not happy and have deleted FB from my iphone in hopes that reloading will help improve but of course, that has not happened. Why ruin a good thing??????

Here is a real easy way to fix all these iPhone problems;

1. Turn off iPhone
2. Place iphone in plastic bag.
3. Throw it in the garbage!
4. Get an Andriod

doesn’t load correctly. fails, errors, blank page, and screen freezes.

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